Athens table UN-118 high imitation watch movement appreciation

The movement UN-118 follows the pace of the first self-developed Sonata replica rolex movement UN-66/67 and the anniversary movement UN-160, which takes a big step forward in innovation of movement technology. Movement UN-118 escapement device is the watch factory in Athens and Switzerland Sigatec enterprises to develop results. DIAMonSIL is a revolutionary alliance of silicon and artisanal diamonds, a very lightweight but strong and hard material that reduces friction and eliminates the need to uk replica watches add lube oil to the escapement assembly - this is entirely the clock division Of the Holy Grail. Sigatec is the only company in the world that can produce high-precision parts with silicon and DiamonSil, and they have a nanotechnology that will take years to develop. The UN-118 will be the first of replica watches its kind in the self-made movement series, which uses a patented DIAMONSIL escapement, a self-made oscillator that can be adjusted with four screws, and a silicon 1.1.1 gossamer. The vibrator was patented in 2007 and first launched in March 2008 for use in the Sonata Silicon Crystal Limited Edition watch.