Longines pulse seconds high replica watches

832 years ago, established in Suoyemiya, Switzerland, the famous clock maker Longines watches with its elegant time-known products, as a rolex replica watches with a fine beautiful appearance, Longines professional pulse chronograph for the wearer The flash of the medical information to read features make it into a good group of classic good works. Longines professional pulse timing chronograph reveals the chronometer Zoran precision to wide range of benefits, and not only limited to the sports event timing. This replica watches uk uses Longines in 1963 produced a timepiece, and the original in the original use is the medical time, half a century after the new classic engraved works more than reveal the time, you can also survey the heart rate and breathing Rate, in the medical background of vital vital signs for the doctor to provide critical values, which makes Longines professional pulse timing chronometer both functional and rich deep meaning. Longines professional pulse timing chronograph is a broad sense of the medical spectrograph, due to the birth of its original period, the accuracy of medical spectroscopy is very large degree of accuracy about the final diagnosis of medical or otherwise. Red, blue, black tri-color scale to protect the wearer to read the value of the high-precision, but also watch the default design of the crowning touch, fully demonstrated in all aspects of Zoran watch unique place. As a medical spectrograph, Longines professional pulse chronograph echoes the original design of the original unique style. The wearer can easily read from the outer edge of the silver dial red heart rate scale and blue respiration rate scale, just start the work of Central Timekeeping on the clocks to indicate the number of seconds after the pointer to be 30 times the pulse, and 5 breaths After which the pointer can point to rolex replica uk read the blue scale respiratory rate. By the gold-plated Arabic numerals 12 and 8 mark when the composition of the clock with the same material as the pointer and the outer circle of the second dial perfect match. Steel case that is appropriate and use the same 38.50 mm in diameter, the lug through the oblique cutting, the finishing touch for the group appearance.